man uchiha itachi really makes me sad

that kid was literally abused for most of his life by his family when they placed him into violent situations from age four, then he spend the rest of his life pressured by his whole family, growing up isolated and traumatised, being pushed into the ANBU by his father at the age of eleven, then two years later, this child was forced into a position by several (essentially well-meaning but ultimately impotent) adults where he felt he had no choice but to kill his whole family to stop another war from breaking out, like the one he was forced into as a four year old. during this conflict, the only person he ever depended on, shisui, committed suicide in front of him to give him the mangekyou sharingan, which i think shaped what he did to sasuke after the massacre.

literally the only good thing in his life was sasuke and he was so fucked up he thought the only way for sasuke to survive in the grisly shinobi world was for him to kill itachi and become powerful in the way itachi had and never know anything bad about the uchiha clan because it would bring him pain.

and then on top of all that he catches dying anime mom disease

like itachi was a super clever, wise, kind boy but he was ultimately broken, twisted and destroyed by the weight of konoha and its’ inept leadership. no wonder wonder sasuke wants to tear the hokage system apart like god fucking damn